RAWworks and Createasphere

RAWworks will be doing a live webcast on January 27th with Michael Britt. All about DSLR workflow.


The Createasphere webcast "SLR Video for the Web: The END of Trial and Error" is geared toward photographers who are new to shooting motion and is designed to shortcut the steep learning curve involved in this transition. Participants will be guided through camera setup and how to choose the hardware to achieve the goal of producing a great looking video for the web. This will include lens selection as well as aftermarket products needed for camera stabilization, focus control and improved sound quality. Compression, frame rates, shutter speeds, white balance, and recording codecs will also be discussed. This will be followed by an editing demonstration showing how to optimally get your movie into an editing program and start manipulating scenes. Color correction strategies will be talked about with industry experts followed up by an in-depth look at exporting options and uploading to web hosting services. Hosted by Michael Britt.

Neil Smith and Jeremy Ian Thomas from Hdi RAWworks are going to be my co-hosts for the webcast. They also hosted a Canon Intensive Workshop at the last HD EXPO and will be doing so again at the Entertainment Technology Event February 18th.


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