A Day With Philip

Yesterday, March 3rd, 2010 I had the chance to work closely with none other than Philip Bloom. For those not in the now, Philip is the most recognized HDDSLR filmmaker in the world, but as I write this I can say with confidence that: very soon Philip will be one of the most recognized filmmakers in the world....PERIOD. We had an amazing day, and a great crew. Jarred from Cinema5D, Chuck from Litepanels, Illya Friedman from Hot Rod Cameras who supplied the PL mount, Robert Lehman my close friend and sound man, and of course the man who brought it all together my friend and the owner of RAWworks Neil W. Smith.

I have to say, I didn't know what to expect before meeting Philip. People who experience meteoric rises to fame usually have a screw loose. They tend to be living on another planet, huffing the fumes wafting from the surface of their ego. I know guys I went to film school with who think they are superstars because they have 900 followers on twitter and took a picture with Jason Reitman. For a guy who is the toast of the town with two of the largest figures in the history of Cinema all but sequestering the man, he's grounded, funny as hell and supremely talented. It was a real pleasure working with him and it gives me hope for a new day in this town. No ego, all talent.

Here's some screen grabs of some shots I've graded so far.

Don't miss out on the master class and register now. It's this Saturday here on the Lot.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Phillip is now popular enough to start getting some negative flack from others... but people should know - Try to run out and shoot, then edit and post back something like A Day at the Races or "Sea" with this kind of quality attention to light and composition... Philip has a real raw talent for making the image work beautifully. Sea is a perfect example: A crappy overcast day in SFO, turned into something quite cool looking sooooo quickly. This takes a masterful eye and a "muscle memory" of actually using your gear that comes from years of experience. This, I can greatly appreciate. It's not long before his feature film credits will show up.

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