Break Bread

So, it's been a crazy 6 months here. I (Jeremy Ian Thomas) haven't had a lot of time to direct anything with a heavy narrative. My last short "Purple Line" was shot in July and is almost done. As of late It's been a lot of creative editing and camera tests, which has been grand. About two week ago, I had an idea for a screenplay. I've been talking with an actor friend of mine who is very smart. He's been hunting for directors and writers to begin writing micro budget films that he could star in, as he is an A list personality that could carry the whole film. . They would be shot on these new hdslr camera's and need to be very isolated and innovative. So rather than write about someone stuck in a house, or a bar or the desert I thought about a man living in his car, and what that would look and feel like.

So, I asked a close friend of mine, an amazing up and coming actor named Mike Wade if he'd like to shoot an experiment with me. I hadn't written anything I just knew I wanted to explore that kind of space. So he and another close friend of mine Robert Lehman (who ran sound on this) decided to shoot something. We didn't really know what we we're going to do, or how we we're going to do it but we knew we we're doing it. After 4 hours of rain, we finally caught a break and jetted down to the warehouse district near downtown. Armed with a Canon 7D a tripod and an H4n sound recored we went off. This is what we came up with. We are very excited and happy to present to you....BREAK BREAD.

Budget $3

Shot in an hour and a half

3 man crew (actor, sound, director/dp)

Starring Mike Wade

Written by Jeremy Ian Thomas and Robert Lehman

Directed by Jeremy Ian Thomas



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