Canon Master Class with Philip Bloom

World renowned filmmaker and Canon HD DSLR expert, Philip Bloom will be in Los Angeles on Saturday March 6th, 2010 to present the Canon HD DSLR Master Class.

Philip will be showing many examples of his filmmaking and will be sharing his experiences of shooting the pick-ups shots for 'Red Tails' a Lucas Films production.

Philip will be explaining and demonstrating all aspects of Canon EOS based filmmaking, workflow and output, including:

  • Main differences between EOS 1D Mk iv , 5D Mk ii and 7D for movie shooting
  • In camera settings to maximize image quality in post
  • Lens selection
  • Stabilization platforms and accessories
  • Exposure and shutter speed options
  • Focusing and framing tips
  • Audio
  • Codecs and transcoding options
  • Editing and Color correction
  • Output for Web, BluRay, HDCAM SR and film

The Philip Bloom HD DSLR Canon Master Class will take place on Saturday, March 6th. There will be two separate workshops: 9am to 12 noon and from 2pm to 5pm. Please register and pay for either the morning or afternoon session:

Please phone Kalani on 323 850 3550 for more details.

Or sign up here http://hdirawworks.com/page11/page11.html


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