RED DAY -- introducing the EPIC.

So, it's been a while since our last update. Man have we been busy. Lets start with this.

hdiRAWworks were one of three beta testers for the new Mysterium X sensor for the RED camera. IT SHOOTS 5K and totally eclipses the RED ONE in dynamic range, Skin tone you name it...it's just better. One of the other beta testers is none other than David Fincher, he's shooting Social Network right outside the window here (amazing catering).

He said he loves the sensor, and for those that don't know David, he's never lost a pixel, he's one of the best to ever do it.

I was here on the Lot the night they shot the low light test with Leonardo DiCaprio at 2000 iso. Yeah, its that fast.

Check it out

That's 2000 iso, It looks amazing right. No noise. Leo was also there during RED DAY.

Below is a short piece I (Jeremy Ian Thomas) Directed, shot, edited and color timed. It is our pleasure to introduce "The EPIC" to the world. This is the only footage known to man of these prototypes.

This was all shot on the Canon EOS 7D at 3200 iso.



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